Our Story

Derin International dates back to a decade ago when, shortly after they were married, Sara and Ersan moved from New York City to Ersan’s native Istanbul . Surrounded by the natural beauty and ancient culture of Turkey , Ersan led Sara along the streets of his youth, introducing her to the city’s language and customs. They dreamed about a way to bring some part of it back with them to the states.

While on one of their trips to the Grand Bazaar, where Ersan’s grandfather worked as a merchant for 70 years, they encountered small purses made out of replicas on traditional woven carpets. So taken with the beauty of the fabric, they were inspired to create their own fabrics and designs, more in tune with the American market. The response to their vision was overwhelming. Their new company was born and was, fittingly, named after their newborn son, Derin.

Derin International now exclusively designs the fabric and all the bags, accessories and shoes for their product lines which are all made in Istanbul , Turkey . Sara works with the weavers to create a color palate that meets the ever-changing fashion industry while staying true to classic carpet design.
Now located in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York, Derin International remains at its heart as it was –– the individual vision of an international couple; a blend of east and west. The company has grown (along with their family which now includes a daughter, Derya). The fabric handbags and accessories by Derin International truly mirror the lifestyle and family that Sara and Ersan have created together.